LAMP Stack

LAMP Development Services

LAMP consist of four components (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is an open source technology used for the development of more robust and scalable dynamic web sites and web applications across different industry verticals. UbicoApps is a well trusted organization for the development of more advanced application development based on LAMP. At UbicoApps, our expert LAMP developers are experienced, certified professionals, highly skilled and dedicated towards the development which involve fusion of latest technologies to make best use of LAMP features.

Customizable Modules

If you have interesting necessities, you can tweak modules to accomplish it with our LAMP stack development services which allow you to robust your project.

Agile Development

LAMP Stack Development provides uninhibitedly access to Open Source libraries and frameworks which help to accomplish your project development time & cost.

Dependable Web Server

In LAMP Stack Development, the strengths of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP collectively make fully-functional web server which will allow your project to work efficiently.

Experienced LAMP Engineers for Next-Generation Development

Ubicoapps is a full-service technology company which offers expert LAMP stack development according to your needs and requirements.

We have been successfully developing simple to complex web projects for our global to domestic clients.

Our LAMP engineers have expertise about LAMP stack development and this allows us to offering custom LAMP application services for a variety of industries.

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