A question that many people ask themselves at one point in their career is whether they should do certification or not. Most people are self taught or they learn while working and what certification do is it just gives certificate to your knowledge and tell people that you can work with the language to a certain level. Some employers want their employees to be PHP Certified Professionals and it helps you to stand out in the crowd when looking for a job or asking for a pay rise.

Types of certifications:
Few people provide certification in PHP but Zend Certification is most reputed certification for PHP. Zend Certification is globally recognized as the industry standard for benchmarking and validating PHP expertise.

Zend PHP Certification:
It is an industry-wise standard that recognizes expertise of PHP developers. The Rogue Wave Zend Certified PHP Engineer Certification is a measure of benchmarking that employers use to evaluate their prospective employees.
Zend Framework 1 Certification: It is an industry-wide standard that recognizes the expertise of a PHP Developer in using Zend Framework 1. This certification helps you to stand out in the eyes of employer.
Zend Framework 2 Certification: It is an industry-wide standard that recognizes the expertise of a PHP Developer in using Zend Framework 2. This certification is recognised by employer as an industry standard.

Are PHP certifications worth it:
Yes, PHP Certification is worth it as it shows that you are the person who can not only code particular thing in PHP, but also has in depth knowledge of the language. You have a clear understanding of how language works. A certification helps you to differentiate yourself as a developer. It helps you in proving yourself to employers that you know the language. Certification also proves to your employer that you are eager and committed to grow your skill set. It is an affirmation of your attitude that you have towards your work.

Getting a certificate is important for you, if you have an experience of more than 3-4 years, because it is not easy for newbies to clear this certification. Therefore, it gives you an edge over freshers and developers who have lesser experience than you. The PHP Certification covers various topics in a systematic manner and you are taught how to solve development-related issues in a proven manner. Besides, most of the large and professional organizations will prefer to hire senior resources who have a certification with them. So, it not only helps you increase your knowledge but also greatly enhances your career prospects!

How much does it cost:
PHP Certification in India is provided by various institutes. Fee can ranges from Rs 30,000 to 1,10,000. It depends on certification,duration and institute you choose.

PHP skill remains in demand making certification worth to acquire. Certification is a proof of your knowledge and at what level of programming you have reached. It can help you in convincing your customers that you, your colleagues or your employees have achieved a certain standard and are ready for the next big task in PHP development. Plus it strengthens your confidence in every aspect of language.